Monday, August 8, 2016

HW Tank Repair

We have wrestled with a hot water tank leak since the drive on the Trans-Labrador Highway in the Fall of 2015. It initially became apparent as a pump that cycled when it shouldn't have needed to. In hindsight, I suspect now that a minor leak in a plumbing fitting at the tank was the reason for the pump coming on. A small amount of water collecting in the HW tank cabinet became a larger amount and then a significant leak. Attempts at sealing the leak with epoxy, in a confined, tight, restricted area were unsucsessful. 

Eventually, we called in the professionals at Philmar RV Repair in Whitehorse. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Dishes, Paint, Decals, Batteries, Wires, Covers

In addition to the installation of new PIAA Auxiliary Lights and AGM Batteries, we also completed the following improvements to the TC for this season ...
Camper Rooftop Dishes
... by WINEGARD and JACK
We don't watch TV while we travel and the 2 dishes that were on the roof were taking up valuable space. We may install additional solar panels in their place eventually. They also got in the way, when drawing a canoe or kayaks up to the roof for transport. I've located and marked the wiring rough-ins and retained the hardware. Any future owners will be able to reinstall the equipment if they choose to. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Auxiliary Driving Lights & AGM Batteries

TOOK the truck camper back to Cannifton Garage in Belleville for some minor service and a couple of new items. Great shop to deal with. Because we're moving, I've sold or packed away all my tools, so at the moment, I need to hire out almost everything that needs to get done ...