Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Build Goal

Building a vehicle that combines the characteristics of these two, and utilizing some ideas of my own.

Crusty ... reporting.

Cabover Struts and a Canoe Bar

We have an appointment at Trailica in Limoges to have both these items installed sometime in late March. The canoe bar has been fabricated and is ready for installation. The Lance 'cabover to truck cowl' struts are in stock. We'll need the canoe bar for our trip to the Green River and the struts are a necessary suspension upgrade.


Front Canoe Bar

A Build Plan

This was my First Post on the LOAFing Around blog, but after starting this blog I realized that it is more appropriate to have it here.

LANCE 855s - We've been gone 18 days and driven about 4580 kms so far. In general everything has gone well. This Lance camper is much better equipped than our old 1988 Maple Leaf unit was and consequently we had a bit of a learning curve with some of the mechanicals and equipment that we're carrying.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Storage Ideas

I don't have the resources to complete any major cargo or storage building projects while we're travelling, but I have been identifying areas in the camper where I can build proper cabinets and shelves once I have access to my shop and tools again. I have a Plan and a List.

For now I've been able to re-arrange or use some of the camper spaces more efficiently using off the shelf store bought items.

In The Beginning

This is how our rig looked initially without any changes.