Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Dishes, Paint, Decals, Batteries, Wires, Covers

In addition to the installation of new PIAA Auxiliary Lights and AGM Batteries, we also completed the following improvements to the TC for this season ...
Camper Rooftop Dishes
... by WINEGARD and JACK
We don't watch TV while we travel and the 2 dishes that were on the roof were taking up valuable space. We may install additional solar panels in their place eventually. They also got in the way, when drawing a canoe or kayaks up to the roof for transport. I've located and marked the wiring rough-ins and retained the hardware. Any future owners will be able to reinstall the equipment if they choose to. 

Rocker Guard
I decided to spray rocker guard protectorate onto the area above the running boards. This completes both sides of the truck. A couple of coats initially, easy to add multiple layers in the future, holds colour well, is easily cleaned and quite durable.

Website Decal 
... from SIGNORAMA
In Kingston. We've displayed a link to our website just below the LOAFin Around decal on the rear camper wall.

Solar Battery Compartment
Even though these new AGM's are sealed and most advise they don't require ventilation (even in enclosed spaces), I decided to provide this anyway, for safety sake. Most battery manufacturers don't provide a cost effective means to do this. One that I did find, provided a plastic tube and some fittings for $20, each battery has 6 cell ports and each cell would need to be vented separately ... Cost: 2x6x20=$240. I decided to make my own manifolds.

Tupperware utensil trays, sump drain line, caulking, tuck tape. Estimated cost $6.

Before manifold installation.

Manifolds installed, securely strapped and vented to the exterior.
Auxiliary Lighting
... by PIAA
 I covered all exterior and under-the-hood wiring with black flex tubing for protection and weather proofing.

Kayak Covers 
... by DANUU
To lessen the effects of weather exposure on the kayak hulls, protect against stone damage and to create an additional barrier to rain infiltration. The covers will also protect the hulls from damage to the sterns finish when loading and unloading.

Crusty ... 


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