Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Installation O Rear Supersprings

The rear suspension has been upgraded to address a minor sag and some noticeable body sway with the installation of a Super Spring Kit SS13.  Each spring is rated for 5000 pounds of constant, heavy loading. The springs have been set at the lowest position so potentially, could be set stiffer by raising the through bolts to the middle or upper holes. The right hand side of the spring bracket is fixed but the left (rear) is set on upper and lower rollers that allow the spring to automatically adjust to different hauling loads and to varying weights from side to side. Centre of mass can be different and the suspension stays level regardless. The condition of the shocks and factory anti-sway bar were also evaluated and found to be in good condition. 

I'll reload the camper soon and test the capability of this suspension upgrade. The sag issue has certainly been resolved. If this does not completely resolve the swaying problem the next step may be to replace the 2 rear shocks with 4 rv quality shocks.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Stone & Brush Guard

The LATEST UPGRADE: Body Protection

Ranch Hand builds a good product. Their bumpers are available in the southern USA (Texas, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Montana), and also Alberta, Canada but, up here, you have to search around.

I had a custom built brush & stone guard made in Ontario just prior to an earlier trip north (1994) with an older 1994 Ford F350 diesel & a 1988 Maple Leaf camper. When we returned from that trip, after 20000 + kms and a lot of it on loose gravel roads, we had ....  a cracked windshield, the drivers side mirror and no-draft glass were both smashed and the campers rear entry door glass was cracked ... all from flying clouds of gravel. The face of that bumper was so badly marked with stone damage that, I know, had I not installed it, we would probably have lost an oil or transmission cooler, a radiator and possibly a headlight or two.