The Specifications & History for Our Adventure Trucks


UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Adding info for truck 1 and campers 1, 3

* 4 Season All Weather Package
* Actual Weight @ Scales 09/2016: GAWR 4519 (fr) + 8113 (rr) = 12262; 2 passengers, black & gray tanks empty, 2/3 fresh tank, 1/2 fuel tank, 2 kayaks, full gear closet, standard provisions
* Maximums
* Safety
* Upgrades from OEM
* Upgrades from OEM - removed due to ineffectiveness

    1. 1994 FORD F350 7.3 l IDI diesel, 4x4 RC LB SRW
    2. 2011 FORD F350 6.2 l gas, 4x4 CC SB SRW

    2. 2013 LANCE 855S
    3. 2021 NORTHERN LITE 8-11 EX LE DB


Driving RangeMaximum - Fuel tank 135l @ 21l/100km, mostly loaded = * 640 kms
                                                     Jerry can 20l @ 21l/100km, mostly loaded = * 100 kms
                                 Minimum - Fuel tank 135l @ 31l/100 km, mostly loaded = 435 kms
                                                    -* Jerry can 20l @ 31l/100 km, mostly loaded = 65 kms
Ground Clearance: 8.2 inches
Approach Angle (loaded): 19.3 degrees
Departure Angle (loaded): 20.8 degrees
Total Height: Truck + Camper + Canoe = 12 ft 5 in (* 12' 9" / 3.89 metres)
Total Length: Truck front brush guard to camper bumper step = 23 ft 6 in (* 24' / 7.31 m)
Total Width: Truck mirrors and Camper slide extended = 10 ft 9 in (* 11' 3" / 3.43 m)

2011 FORD F350 4x4 CC SB SRW 

Specifications, Dimensions and Packages
Engine: 6.2L gas: 2-valve V8, flex fuel, 385 horsepower, 405 pounds-foot torque
Alternator: 157 amps, 2100 watts
Battery* CARQUEST 7000, 850 cca
Bed Length: 6.75 feet
Fuel Tank Capacity (midship): 132.5 litres (35 US gal)
Camper Package: higher front coil spring rate, additional rear helper spring, rear sway bar
Trailering Package: tow mirrors, REESE Class V receiver hitch
Trim Package: Lariat
Wheelbase: 156.2 inches

Gearing: Standard ring and pinion
Hubs: ESOF auto and manual locking
Axle Ratio: 3.73 electronic locker
Transfer Case: NVG271, part time, 2-speed
Transmission: TORKSHIFT 6R140, six speed select shift w. tow/haul

Suspension and Weights
Front End
GAWR Ford (DANA Super 60)6000 pounds
GAWR DANA 60 (OEM): 6500 pounds, monobeam, live spindle
Axle Weight Wet*4519 pounds 
Tires Upgraded Load Capability(2) NITTO Ridge Grappler A/T 295/70R18 129E, Tread Depth 16.4/32", Load E, * 2 x 4080 8160 pounds
Wheels Ford: 8-spoke cast aluminium
Suspension Upgraded: Mono beam (narrow front track), higher rate coil springs (4800 pounds / side), 28 mm stabilizer bar,
* BILSTEIN Series 5100 shocks

Rear End
GAWR Ford (STERLING 10.5 inch)7280 pounds, full floating axle
GAWR STERLING 10.5 inch (OEM): 9750 pounds, full floating axle  
Axle Weight Wet* 8113 pounds 
Tires Upgraded Load Capability(2) NITTO Ridge Grappler A/T 295/70R18 129E, 69.4 lbs, Load E, Tread Depth 16.4/32", * 2 x 4080 8160 pounds
Wheels Ford: 8-spoke aluminium, 25 lbs (est)
Suspension Upgraded: Solid axle, * SUPERSPRINGS SS13* 4-pack leaf springs w. lower and upper helpers (6800 pounds / side)* HELLWIG Big Wig anti-sway bar* BILSTEIN Series 5100 shocks

Registered Suspension Capabilities
GVWR: 11000 pounds 
Base Curb Weight: 6970 pounds (3997 (fr) + 2973 (rr) 
Registered Gross Weight Ford7716 pounds (3500 kgs on drivers license)
Payload* GVWR - Curb Weight = 3960 pounds
GAWR Ford: 6000 + 7280 = *13280 pounds
SuspensionRear: 2-leaf pack + helper = 7000 pounds
Tires Bridgestone: 4 x 3584 = 14336 pounds
Frame36000 psi steel, ladder type

Actual (OEM) Suspension Capabilities
GAWR Dana and Sterling: 6500 + 9750 = *16250 pounds
SuspensionRear4-leaf pack + 2 helpers @ 2 x 7000 = 14000 pounds
Tires Nitto4 x 4080 = * 16320 pounds 

GVWR: Class 3 Heavy Duty Vehicles (Range: 10,001 - 14,000 lbs). Class 4 licensing and insurance is more expensive.
GAWR (rear): Is, often twice the maximum load rating for the tires on it.
Rims: Torqued to 165 psi
Wheel Clearance (rear): 10 inches (dry)

Tires and Rims
Tire Diameter / Width / Tread Depth: 34.29 x 11.77 x 16.4/32 inches
Tire Weight: 69.4 pounds
Rims: 18 x 8 alloy
Tire Pressure Loaded w. Camper: 65 psi front, 80 psi rear
Tire Pressure Unloaded: 60 psi front, 45 psi rear
Spare* (1) CONTINENTAL Contitrac M/S 275/70R18, Load Range E, 3640 pounds max
Fender Flares: BUSHWACKER (max coverage unpainted)
Brakes: 4-wheel ABS vented disk, 14.29 inch rotors front and rear

Support Equipment
Cabin and Gear Closet
Backup Alarms: FORD original rear bumper alarms relocated to rear camper bumper
Backup Camera (#1): FORD original tailgate camera relocated to rear camper bumper
Backup Camera (#2): VOYAGER WVOS511 digital wireless system, monitor & camera
Battery Booster Pack: MOTOMASTER Eliminator 1400 / 700 amps, w. air compressor #1
Dash Cam: SPYTEC G1W-C
Electronics PELICAN Case: COBRA Micro-Talk walkie-talkies, DELORME in Reach 2-way satellite communicator, GPS#1 GARMIN Montana 600 series, RADIO SHACK Marine Radio, VERIZON Mobil Hotspot, ROGERS Mobile Hotspot 
Fire Extinguisher (#1): ON GUARD
GPS (#2 & #3): GARMIN RV 760 MLT w. mount FORD My Touch
Inverter (#1): XANTREX Xpower 300 watts (small electronics 12v to 120v)
Vehicle Recovery Pack

Auxiliary Lighting: PIAA 520 ATP extreme white
Cargo Carrier: CURT
Front Bumper: RANCH HAND gravel and brush guard 
Rear Receiver Hitch: REESE Class V
Vehicle Recovery Duffel:

Camper Three March 2021 to Present
2021 Northern Lite 8-11 EX LE DB 

Weights and Dimensions
Dry Weight2830 pounds (OEM, standard equipment, water, propane, refrigerator)
Wet Weightvaries, depending on reason for and duration of trip, could be another 1000 lbs
Center of Gravity: 39.5 inches
Interior Cabover Length: 6 feet 8 inches
Interior Length: 
Overall Floor Length: 9 feet 
Interior Height:
Overall Height: 8 feet 4 inches
Interior Width:
Overall Width: 8 feet 2 inches

Interior Footprint: 120 sq ft
Overall Length: 16 feet 3 inches
Camper Two November 2013 to September 2020
2013 LANCE 855S

Weights and Dimensions
Dry Weight2984 pounds (OEM, standard equipment, water, propane, refrigerator)
Wet Weight: varies, depending on reason for and duration of trip, could be another 1000 lbs
Center of Gravity: 38 inches
Interior Cabover Length: 6 feet 8 inches
Interior Floor Length: 8 feet 11 inches
Interior Heights: Minimum 6 feet 5.5 inches, Maximum 6 feet 7.5 inches
Interior Widths: Minimum 7 feet 11 inches, Maximum, 9 feet 8 inches

Interior Footprint: 135 sq ft
Overall Exterior Length: 17 feet 8 inches

* Bed Pad: insulated
Locks: Entry Door - keyless electric.  Garages - (2) single keyed, (2) COMBI-CAM cylinder locks 
* Hatch Covers: insulated
Pocket Door: JOHNSON Hardware, 2610F series open pocket single door
Roof: BRITETEK by DICOR, Thermal Plastic Olefin
Roof Vent and Safety Egress: HEKI Skylight, sunscreen, privacy shade, escape vent
Slide-Out Dinette System: SCHWINTEK In-Wall, w. remote
* WallsAZDEL Thermoplastic Composite 
* Windows: dual pane, (1) *escape window

Air Conditioner: AIREXCEL 48000 series (runs on 15 amp 110 volt)
Fans: (2) Bedroom - 120v circulating, 12v circulating
* Furnace: ATWOOD 8500-IV series (hydro flame), dual stage 15000 / 22000 btu
Heater: LIKEWISE ceramic heater, 750 / 1500 watts, model 043-5877-2
Roof Vent: FAN-TASTIC VENT 12v ceiling fan

Batteries: (2) INTERSTATE group 31M, AGM For each battery - 100 amp hours, megacycle 200, 925 cca, 1155 marine crank amps, 200 minute reserve capacity
Battery Separator: replaces battery isolater
Solar Motion Detector Light: SUNFORCE model 82081, 80 led
Solar Charge Kit(s)(1) 95 watt JIAWEI (1) 160 watt XANTREX
Solar Regulator: GOPOWER GP-PWM-30
Transfer Switch: 50 amp automatic
Inverter (#2): MOTOMASTER Eliminator 500 watts (small electronics, 12v to 120v)
Inverter (#3): GOPOWER 3000 watt hd modified sine wave (microwave, all outlets)
Solar Power System: Including - BLUE SEA SYSTEMS SI series Automatic Relay model PN7610, Power Converter 120v to 12v

Barbeque Hookup: exterior
Microwave: HIGHPOINTE model EM925RWW, 900 watts, 1 cuft
Power Range Hood: VENTLINE 120v
Range/Oven: ATWOOD LP gas
Refrigerator: NORCOLD model N145/N150, 3-way absorption refrigerator, 1500 BTU

Black Water Tank: 25 gallons
Black Tank Flush: exterior
Fresh Water Tank: 30 gallons
Gray Water Tank: 20 gallons

Wash Station: exterior hand held
* Waste Water Tanks: All are insulated & heated
Water Filter: in-line
Water Heater: ATWOOD LP gas, 6 gallon tank, 8800 BTU
Water Pump: SHURFLO 4008 RV bypass pump
Winterizing Bypass Valve:

Battery Disconnect Switch*
Battery Separator: replaces battery isolator
Docking Lights:
Fuse Panel
Inverter (#2): MOTOMASTER Eliminator 500 watts (small electronics, 12v to 120v)
Power Distribution Center: PROGESSIVE DYNAMICS PD400
Power Protection: SURGE GUARD model 44260 by TRC, 30 amp 120 volt
Systems Monitor Panel: water pump, batteries level, water heater, fresh, gray, black tanks

Noise Filter: Q POWER, NF 15 amp
TV: JENSEN 1912LED, 19 inch
Radio/DVD/CD/MP3 Player: JENSEN AWM975, interior & exterior speakers
Weather Station: ACURITE model 00606 wireless thermometer

Support Equipment
Awning: CAREFREE manual
Barbeque: COLEMAN
Boat Racks: (2) YAKIMA - bars, towers, rollers and saddles for (two) kayak transport (1) Custom - single aluminium canoe bar at cab-over roof section
Bug Tent: 
Cabover Struts: LANCE
Camper Jacks: ATWOOD ACME and ball electronic screw jacks w. remote
Carbon Monoxide Alarm (#1): GARRISON model 46-0003-6, battery operated
Carbon Monoxide Alarm (#2) & Propane Leak Detector: SAFE-T-ALERT permanent installation
Fire Extinguisher (#2): FIRST ALERT model KFE2S5A-6B
Gas Detector: STARKO acetylene, butane, methane (natural gas), propane
Propane: (2) 18.3 pound tanks, w. inline gas gauge
Rooftop Cargo Box: Boat accessories
Rooftop Cargo Tube: fishing poles, awning rod, handles
Smoke Alarm: FAMILY GARD model FG250A
Tiedowns & Turnbuckles: HAPPI JAC and QWIK LOADS w. locks and w. stabilizer bar

Camper Door Softcase: small tolls, gauges, sensors, cord
Rear Wall GarageCOMBI-CAM cylinder lock, SUPERFLO model hv-40a2 120 psair compressor #2, tool box, fasteners, liquids, adhesives, MASTERCRAFT 18v drill
Slideout GarageCOMBI-CAM cylinder lock, axe, saw, COLEMAN bbq, propane supply, firegrate, hose, mat


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