Monday, August 8, 2016

HW Tank Repair

We have wrestled with a hot water tank leak since the drive on the Trans-Labrador Highway in the Fall of 2015. It initially became apparent as a pump that cycled when it shouldn't have needed to. In hindsight, I suspect now that a minor leak in a plumbing fitting at the tank was the reason for the pump coming on. A small amount of water collecting in the HW tank cabinet became a larger amount and then a significant leak. Attempts at sealing the leak with epoxy, in a confined, tight, restricted area were unsucsessful. 

Eventually, we called in the professionals at Philmar RV Repair in Whitehorse. 

The area that I had to work in was quite difficult. I tried a combination of mirrors and lights to focus on an area that was quite tight to access; (tank inlet near the bottom right.) In the end, technicians needed to shut the water off, disconnect water/electrical/gas lines, remove the tank and re-plumb a couple of poorly done connections. 

A choice of inferior materials by the manufacturer and a lack of care by the technician that completed the plumbing was the cause of our problem. An original, thin-walled plastic connector had split and was replaced with a brass fitting; as was a second fitting, installed with the same materials that we suspected would also fail in the same manner. 

Philmar RV repair, removed the tank and replaced all plastic fittings with brass, installed a new, non-corrosive anode, redid all gas and plumbing connections, flushed and cleaned the tank and pressure tested it. In summary, they used materials that should have been installed by the manufacturer. 
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