Friday, September 19, 2014

Shock Absorbers

... w e l l ... almost!

The original, factory Ranchero shocks on the Ford were past their serviceable life. They were done, no dampening capability whatsoever. I now know what it feels like to drive a 6 ton truck that doesn't have shock absorbers. 

Fosters Garage in Gananoque installed heavy duty Bilstein Series 5100 shocks all around. 

The Supersprings that we installed a few months ago eliminated the rear end sag completely and improved the tendency of the rig to sway around corners and over uneven grade, but some sway was still present and could still be somewhat disconcerting at times.

These shock absorbers are intended for top heavy truck camper applications such as ours, are German built and come with a lifetime warranty ... LOAF only gets the best!

So, Rock 'n Roll really is 'almost' Dead!

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