Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cabover Struts and a Canoe Bar

We have an appointment at Trailica in Limoges to have both these items installed sometime in late March. The canoe bar has been fabricated and is ready for installation. The Lance 'cabover to truck cowl' struts are in stock. We'll need the canoe bar for our trip to the Green River and the struts are a necessary suspension upgrade.


Front Canoe Bar

Corner roof stops to stabilize boats while loading and a roll down tarp to protect the awning.

Aluminum cargo box holds boat accessories: kayak rollers & saddles, ropes, ratchet sets, parts.

Cabover Struts.

Update June 3, 2014 

I am extremely pleased with the dampening effect the struts provide. After nearly 10000 kms driving on this road trip in the SW USA, over Interstates, secondary highways and good to very poor surfaces ... we did not have a single dramatic 'porpoising' episode.

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