Monday, May 9, 2016

Auxiliary Driving Lights & AGM Batteries

TOOK the truck camper back to Cannifton Garage in Belleville for some minor service and a couple of new items. Great shop to deal with. Because we're moving, I've sold or packed away all my tools, so at the moment, I need to hire out almost everything that needs to get done ...


The addition of these auxiliary lights are a safety upgrade I'd been planning for awhile. We will be driving several unpaved, gravel, drytop roads during this latest drive in the north. With that comes a lot of dust and in addition, there's the potential for foggy conditions in the mountains on the trip out and much the same (with snow) heading back east later in the Autumn. As a driver ... I like to see and be seen!  

From the PIAA Website
" The PIAA 520 ATP (All-Terrain Pattern) is powered by PIAA's proprietary ATP technology that delivers a beam with the perfect combination of height, width and distance. This light is designed with a 12-volt Xtreme white H3 85-watt comparable 135-watt bulb.

The ultimate off road pattern, PIAA's ATP delivers a beam with the perfect combination of height, width, and distance. When PIAA came out with the off-road oriented 510 ATP the response was overwhelming. However some riders felt they could use a bigger light with more power and the same proprietary ATP (All-Terrain Pattern) Technology. It provides a pattern much better for off-road use than a standard fog or driving light. The 520 ATP can also be used as a long range driving light with the benefits of illuminating the sides of the road. This light is perfect for your truck and SUV and is quickly becoming popular among off-road racers as well. The rotatable lens and trim ring allows the lights to mount up or down. "


The battery compartment is inside the camper's step-up; near the bed. The batteries that came with the camper were inadequate; mismatched, Group 24. The compartment is now jammed with 2 Exide AGM Group 31 batteries in addition to all the original electrical and other mechanical equipment; a converter, fuse panel, CO2 detector, gas line. The compartment measures approximately 30" long x 18" deep x 10" high.  

From the EXIDE Website
" 925 CCA at 0 degrees F, 1110 CA at 32 degrees F 
   200 minute reserve capacity 
   Dual terminal design 
Absorbed glass mat separator is engineered for optimal recombination rates to avoid cell dry-out and provide superior element compression assuring stabilty under extreme vibration and high cycling operation "

At present, we don't require any additional solar capability. In the future, if we decide to run our A/C and microwave or other items on solar, we will add another 100 watts of solar panel to the camper roof and an inverter. These batteries would be compatable with those upgrades.

 Crusty ...

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