Friday, January 17, 2014

Storage Ideas

I don't have the resources to complete any major cargo or storage building projects while we're travelling, but I have been identifying areas in the camper where I can build proper cabinets and shelves once I have access to my shop and tools again. I have a Plan and a List.

For now I've been able to re-arrange or use some of the camper spaces more efficiently using off the shelf store bought items.

A bedroom cabinet door is used to hang a bag pouch for storing small electronics and other stuff that would otherwise go on a bedroom night stand.

Shelf bars are installed inside the kitchen cabinetry to keep items from sliding out during travel. Rough or undulating road surfaces often jiggle things around and when cabinets are opened after setup everything comes falling out. We also installed bars inside the refrigerator door. A shattered jar of pickles or jam on the floor after you stop and open the camper door is not a welcome sight!

The dinette wall space is corked and taken advantage of for trip planning and note keeping. This will get properly trimmed out on our return. One end of a retractable clothesline is in the upper left corner. We often use it to hang any damp items while we travel and things are dry when we set up at days end.

Command hooks are used near the entry door (can be removed if necessary) for hanging small items up to 5 lbs in weight - keys, glasses, tools, first aid kit. We hang a small day pack off the large one. 


In the upper right corner is the other end of the retractable clothes line

Our bathroom is a wet bath, meaning the toilet, sink and shower are all in the same room, which is approximately 3' square. It's a particularly difficult room to upgrade with any necessary amenities.  The manufacturer installed a tp holder inside a tiny, under sink door to keep the paper dry. I installed a second tp holder for the majority of our use inside the wet bath that gets removed if necessary. A small bin holds cleaning supplies. TP, is placed in a waste basket, just like at home. This is not a septic system but it is a holding tank and keeping paper out aids in the heath of the black water tank.  

The camper came with medicine cabinet, but it's inadequate. Another small bin holds tooth cleaning supplies and a dispenser was installed for our showering liquids.

Closet rods mounted for hanging damp linens (towels, t-cloths) when we're set-up and for storing the shower bags we take with us to any campground bath houses.

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